Update FluxBB

Your FluxBB database is out-of-date and must be upgraded in order to continue. If you are the board administrator, please follow the instructions below to complete the upgrade.

Note: This process is for board administrators only. If you are a member there is nothing to worry about - the forums will be back shortly!

Update FluxBB

This step is for the board administrator only!

To perform the database update please enter the database password with which FluxBB was installed. If you cannot remember, this is stored in your 'config.php' file.

Note: If you are running SQLite (and hence have no database password) please use the database file name instead. This must exactly match the database file name given in your configuration file.

The message that will be displayed to users during the updating process. This text will not be parsed like regular posts and thus may contain HTML.

This script will update your forum database. The update procedure might take anything from a second to hours depending on the speed of the server and the size of the forum database. Don't forget to make a backup of the database before continuing.

Did you read the update instructions in the documentation? If not, start there.